Emergency Lights

It is a requirement of the Fire Safety Order that the person responsible for a premises ensures adequate emergency lighting has been installed.

The law requires that emergency routes and exits requiring illumination must be provided with emergency lighting of adequate intensity in case the main lighting fails. The system must also be maintained in an efficient state and in good repair.

If your Fire Risk Assessment recommends Emergency Lighting, we can provide a comprehensive emergency lighting system design.

Our engineers will be able to directly identify the escape routes and emergency exits and will install appropriate emergency lighting in accordance with the recommendations of BS 5266. At the same time, they will assist you in ensuring your building is fully compliant with existing fire safety guidelines.

We are also capable of maintaining your building’s emergency lighting system, ensuring it is kept in full working order. If a fire breaks out in your premises, a fully functioning emergency lighting system can facilitate a quick and safe exit, and could save lives.

Please contact us for more information about our Maintenance Service.