Fire Alarms

It is a requirement of the Fire Safety Order that the person responsible for a premises ensures an adequate fire alarm system has been installed and maintained in working order.
At Wadys, our experienced staff are more than capable of installing and maintaining fire alarm systems in your public or business premises. We are able to install all types of fire alarm to current British safety standards, thus ensuring you are operating fully within the law, and are kept safe from unnecessary risk.

We offer a complete fire alarm system design service to our clients, and can identify potential problem areas and accommodate for them in the final plans.
Whether you require:
• Fire Alarm Installation
• Fire Alarm Maintenance Contracts Our experienced team of fire alarm installers can cater for you. We only install “open protocol” fire systems so our clients have a choice of who maintains their system unlike “closed protocol” systems that tie the client in for the life of the system with increased costs associated with preventative maintenance call outs.

Ensuring that you have a fully functioning, British standard fire alarm system can protect your property against future damage.

For a highly efficient fire alarm installation and maintenance service, or for information and advice from an experienced team of fire safety professionals, call 01234 359751 or complete our enquiry form.