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Save Energy Money & The Planet

Switch to LED Lighting now

Save Energy and Money by Switching to LED Lighting with Wadys of Bedford

Why save energy?
Save energy in your office, factory or home by Switching to LED lighting and you are helping to save the worlds energy resources like gas, oil, and water. A few small changes add up to a significantly BIG change. We want to help you become part of a drive which will benefit future generations. However, the main reason we should save energy is that it would be something very difficult to live without.

There are many ethical reasons for you to make the change and switch to LED lighting but one very good reason is that you will save money.


Would changing my lighting make that much difference?
LED lighting can reduce your lighting cost by up to 90% and as lighting usually accounts for up to 40% of your electricity bill this would be in most cases a considerable amount of money.

How long does an LED last for?

When compared with a standard halogen lamp, LED’s can last up to 25 times as long. One of the biggest benefits of using LED is its outstanding life time expectation due to very efficient thermal management, LED Lamps can remove heat through heat sinks to help prolong the life expectancy of the bulb by slowing down light depreciation. A well-built LED with good thermal management should last up to 50,000 hours. Be wary of retailers making exaggerated claims about the life expectancy of their products.

Wadys asked if we would like a no obligation Lighting Audit
with a view to change to LED.
Due to the potential saving, we accepted.
Wadys carried out our LED replacement works in
an efficient manor without disruption.
We are now benefiting from projected annual cost savings of
59% with the overall payback including the complete
installation being just over three years.”
Commercial premises carrying out car body repairs. Lighting level required – 400 lux.

Save Energy Money & The Planet

and switch to LED Lighting